slimeslime. Fan: Kimberly

Slimeslime. Fan: Kimberly

Slimeslime. Fan: Kimberly

Since I have been a big slime fan for a long time, I wanted to look around where you can buy a slime. I came across Etsy and looked around there but at the beginning no shop really addressed me until I found Tony. I immediately looked at the slimes and ordered three! When the package arrived I couldn't hold back and had to play with them immediately!

I bought different textures and my favorite textures are butter and Bingsu!

I love the smell of Bonohbon! Birthday Cake! It is not too penetrating but just right!

Since I have problems concentrating, I always like to have something in my hand. I wanted to try slime and it worked. In moments when I have to concentrate, I like to use the Bingsu, because he has an interesting consistency and makes a lot of noises.

How was the slime for you?
The slime was great, better than I imagined. Since it is in a glass, it is also sustainable and you can use it again and again.

Did you buy slime online before?
This was my first slime that I bought and in my hand.

What is your favorite consistency?
Butter I like it best, but there are still many that I want to try out.

Which slime would you like as the next of us?
Jelly Cube Slime Would be a slime that I would still want to try out because it looks totally exciting!


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