Slime Set - What else?

Slime Set - What Else?

Slime Set - What Else?

Slime Set - What Else?

Real slime fans know. There are an infinite number of textures. Slime is as diverse and colorful as a child's imagination. And if you browse through our shop and don't have that much idea you don't really know what to try first. One knows the difference between Butter, Bingsu slime, or Floam Maybe not at all. You don't know what is Stretchy, Crispy or drizzle. Of course you don't know 'what do I like at all'? Jaha, and our new slime sets come into play. Somehow there is a bit of everything. And you don't need to break your head about it. You buy a slime set and tadaaa, everything there. All in, quasi. At home you can then decide very relaxed who your personal slime is favorite. You now say: Yes, ok. Kind. But I can also buy different slimes. Then why a slime set? So first of all you save - and who doesn't want that these days?! And secondly, sometimes it is simply easier to leave the decision. Sometimes it is the case that you are looking for a gift - and what is easier to buy than prefabricated sets? Oh ... and where we would be a gift. You can find brand new in our shop too Gift vouchers. Have a look. For those who don't have it that way with decisions ... or just think that it would be better not to make decisions in this special slime case. ;)


Why do our slime sets have these names?

"It was a bit far -fetched ..." Tony said to me that evening when we Slime sets and he edited the pictures for the articles. "... But what do you think of it if we name them according to the names of the ghostbusters?" Yes, maybe it was fetched, but I thought the idea was great. I loved her. And I was a little proud of my husband's creativity inside. Naturally. Slime is primarily this green glibbery stuff, which we all shooted me dead in our children's room cabinets. And we all let the Ghostbusters let. And slim. So we wrote texts. Quick and somehow without connection. Lauded the articles up and Basta. OK. They had these names. It made sense for us. But it didn't really make sense. The texts on the slime sets were somehow not suitable. Keyword related, yes. Suitable, negative. The same evening I changed the texts and adapted Slime Set for Slime Set to his namesake. Whether I have succeeded in doing so was that. But I feel much better with it. Also moved into less keyword. It's like here at home. Tony always says: everything is beautiful. Not practical. But nice. That's why I'm my heart here and he's head. He asks for the meaning that I am for the feel -good factor. And in the end, both always complement each other wonderfully. It's like this in business, it is the case with the slime sets, it is at home. 

Each medal has two sides. Even slime. Green and glibbery. Well -fragrant and soft. Choose yourself;)

Love goes out. Tanja.

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