slimeslime. Fan: LOnaPlena

Slimeslime. Fan: Lonaplena

Slimeslime. Fan: Lonaplena

Slimeslime ASMR

Huhu, I am also known as Lonaplena [Twitch]. I discovered Slimeslime a few months ago when I was looking for slime for my ASMR streams. Since I already had experience with Slime, it was important to me to buy extraordinary, individual and interesting slime for my streams and spectators and not a cheap chemical cocktail for a few euros, which then is not suitable. After a long search I discovered Etsy The Slimeslime Shop and was taken with you. So many options for slime and the creative implementation of every single product impressed me. I then found out more about the Slimeslime website and was even more impressed than I read, that Slimeslime is a small family business and also pays attention to the sustainability of its products or packaging. I ordered two slimes and tested them. The packaging alone was incredibly sweet, it was personalized and included personal news, a flyer and a little candy.

My first slimes were that Floam P and Unit Slime. The consistency of both was very sticky at the beginning, but with the attached Activator, the consistency was quickly got under control because I prefer a firm consistency. The new slimes to use the first time in my streams was a big highlight and arrived so well with the spectators. Some directly told me that they also ordered some after seeing the slime with me. In the future I had ordered about five more slimes and am now for mine Slime ASMR known. My absolute favorites are they Bingsu Beads Slimes, You have a fascinating consistency and make an incredible sound!

I will definitely continue to buy from Slimeslime and cannot give any real suggestions for improvement, only the slimeslime should always come up with new creative ideas for new slimes, since I can hardly wait which slimes will come in the future.

Next I would like to have that Alien Eye Glossy Light Slime, because it should even shine in the dark.

Just fantastic!
Thank you dear Slimeslime team.

Greetings Jennifer [Lonaplena] ♥

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  • Die Simes aus Lonas Streams sind mega! optisch und Sound technisch richtig gut

    björn_eisenseite on

  • Der Slime ist in Jennys Streams immer bombastisch.
    Er ist ein sehr guter ASMR trigger!!!

    Maitune on

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