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I have the slime here Bonoh Bon Order and I'm really super satisfied with it. I bought the slime for myself because I have wanted something like that for a long time. 

I love to play with the slime because the whole thing is totally relaxed and it's just a lot of fun! I think the consistency is particularly great because it is simply super soft and it is very pleasant to play with it. I often play with the slime, for example on TV or just by the way.

Before that, I ordered slime, but I will definitely order a slime here with this shop, because I am very curious to see how the other textures feel and look like!

For example, I would also like a slime that shines metallically or changes the color. My favorite consistency is the consistency of that so far Butter, As with the Bonoh Bon, because it is simply incredibly soft and stretchy. 

The only thing you might change is to make the fragrance that is super tasty in itself. However, this evaporates something even after a while and leaves a super pleasantly fragrant slime! I think that's particularly nice, because otherwise the slime has no strange smell, which I have often noticed in other slimes. 

All in all, I can warmly recommend the slimes from this shop, because you really notice how much love is in the slimes! The packaging alone is super nice and you can also get small extras like sweets! An activator and softener also get free of charge, which means that you can determine how soft or sticky the slime should be. 

Clear purchase recommendation, even my friends are very enthusiastic about this slime!

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