Neuer Flyer - neuer Charakter - neue Slime Pflege

New flyer - new character - new slime care

New flyer - new character - new slime care

New flyer - new character - new slime care

In order to make our shop a little more child -friendly, we got a new charcot on board. Professor Dr. Dr. Tanja from Orrec. It is no coincidence that our Prof. Dr. Dr. My name bears - my husband came up with the name and he just finds me super intelligent ... or crazy. 🤔 Well, as it is ...

In real life I don't wear titles ... except “mom”. Unfortunately there is no suitable training or studying for this, you simply wear this title in your heart. ❤️ (By the way, when I read this sentence, my husband grinded himself into himself .. I have never said something like this. - At this point I would like to point out that I have the most romantic speech at the wedding - and from everyone who will come, have written and kept public! - So careful, with such serious accusations!)

We currently have a little problem with the stickiness of our slimes. Of course we check everyone Slime, before he goes on the trip to you and are always happy with the result (of course - otherwise we wouldn't send it out). Nevertheless, we have received some feedback that the slime is too sticky. It is the case that of course we prepare a larger amount of slime for the respective shipping day and almost send the same slime to different customers. Customer one evaluates this Slime Now with five stars, but the next one will tell us a message that the slime is a disaster. We are really overwhelmed. It is important to us that each of our customers is completely satisfied and we also try to do everything necessary so that everyone gets their money's worth. First and foremost, it is important to know: What do I do with these two small bottles that are in my package? - They are intended for such problems. Customer finds that Slime Perfect as he is. Customer two sticks the slime between the fingers and he doesn't like him at all. This is exactly what the care instructions on our flyer is available. This ensures that everyone can conjure up their slime as they like. More on that later.


But now to our Professor Dr. Dr. Tanja from Orrec - Slime is a toy

Yes, we see primarily Slime as a toy. And play more children. That is why we want our little customers to have even more fun with their order. On our site you can already find some illustrations in the product descriptions. Each of these illuses should represent a character of our family - because of the family business. We would now like to expand this rail and have also adapted our new flyer to it. Everything in our shop should be packed uniformly into a small story and the crew is getting bigger! Ms. Prof. Dr. Dr. From Orrec, for example, explains the new slime care on the new flyer. Here we did not just want to explain point by point how it works, but simply incorporated it into small everyday stories. We hope we succeeded and you and your family will have a little fun. In addition, the flyer is different in that it has only two sides and is no longer foldable. We were concerned that the flyer contains “too much” information that was no longer noticed. So we decided to make the flyer easier. It is available in two different sizes so that it fits perfectly into your packages! From now on we will also answer all your emails with this alias. Since my name remains my name, it shouldn't be too big for you “big”: D


Our new flyer and its content

Hi, I am Prof. Dr. Dr. Tanja Orrec. I want to show you something ...

... here in your colorful package is at least one of my masterful creations! I am pleased that you chose a slimeslime slime. Before you start a few tips:

Phew, today it was pretty hot - maybe I wanted an ice cream. In my laboratory it was definitely 45 degrees. I almost slipped from my sweaty fingers. By the way, your slime was similar.

At warmth it becomes a bit sticky, because it doesn't like warmth. If you want to help him, put him in the fridge for a while. Bring nothing, use a little of my Super Activator. 

When I unpacked my favorite slime after the skiing holiday, last winter and wanted to stretch him in the evening, I was actually looking out of my clothes quite stupid - and I am Prof. Dr. Dr. I hardly ever look stupid. To my astonishment, the slime was not as good as I was used to - and I finally developed it, I have to know what I'm talking about!

But that's how it is: when it is cold, your slime freezes, just like you and then it makes himself very small and therefore becomes a bit firmer. It is best to warm it up a bit, you can simply put it on the heating or in the sun. Or you use a little of my super soft man. 

How to use the Super Activator & Softener:

I am a professional, for me everything always works only drops. Once, the Activator has overturned when I tried to catch my jam bread (yes I know - food is prohibited in the laboratory). In any case, the whole Activator bottle has tipped into the slime and the bread lay on the floor with the coated side :( You can think of it - both were gone!

Please go with your Activator and softener more careful than me. You can put a few drops in your hands, so they are wetted and the liquids are distributed in your slime or you give a few drops directly in the slime glass and mix it ... You just repeat this process until you are satisfied with the consistency.

If your slime has been with you for a while and you want to get it out of your glass again after several weeks, it may be that he has reactivated. This is a chemical reaction - quite normal, don't worry. Even then you can use the Super Activator

If you still have difficulties with your slime, sometimes you catch a diva, I tell you that. Then Please contact me! I will help you as soon as possible. Promised! 


It's Slime Time! Happy Wednesday and see you soon, your Tanja (without title).

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  • Das klebrige Problem hatte ich auch schon, das war aber ganz schnell mit activator erledigt nur hatte ich bei den crunchy slimes die ich bisher aus diesem shop hatte (nugget, Floam b, go yelloh) das Problem, dass die base schnell weniger wurde, die beads aber geblieben sind und der slime so keine Konsistenz mehr hatte. Vielleicht könnte man da nochmal schauen! 🤗

    Inci on

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