ASMR fan

ASMR fan

Who is still ASMR fan? And what is that anyway?

ASMR: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (abbreviated ASMR) refers to the experience of a tingling, pleasantly felt feeling on the skin
(so -called Tingles); Often experienced similar to gentle electrostatic discharges. It typically begins on the scalp of the back of the head and moves along the neck and upper spine to the shoulder area. This feeling is associated with relaxation, calming and well -being for most people. ASMR helps many people to fall asleep.
(Source: Wikipedia)

This tingling on the skin - who doesn't know it?

A shower drives like an electric current over your head followed by a cozy tingling along the neck over the shoulders down to the spine. We all know these stimuli and know what exactly it triggers with us. For some they are noise, for others certain touches. Another reacts to textures, smells or visual stimuli. I have to be honest, of course I know this feeling. I remember my grandma's lap earlier and cried her back on my grandmother's lap. I still feel the goosebumps that crawled down my back there: D Although, as I read it, the goosebumps effect is another level and probably borders off the typical ASMR in that it only stops seconds. ASMR
On the other hand, it can be longer, or as long as certain stimuli can be created. With the topic of ASMR I went through for the first time Slime came into contact. Only then did I find out how widespread on the social media platforms, such as TikKok, the topic is. Here, mostly acoustic stimuli are created, by whispering, blowing, painting over the microphone or clacking with the fingernails. By the way, my aggression increases immeasurably with this video! So you can't irritate me with acoustic stimuli. ASMR also likes to turn into the contrary. My sister -in -law finds the smack noise from the kneading of a slimes terrible and she once said that she would do it aggressive. The situation is similar with air cushion film, who did not love it or still loves to gradually burst the small chambers. The deep cleaning of the skin is also a large ASMR topic on YouTube and Co. also carpet cleaning or house cleaning. The smell of freshly washed laundry, freshly mowed lawn, petrol or basement smell (I also have as a child loved) the smell of rain on dry earth (called Petrichor) or that Sound of the raindrops itself. Wind and sea noise. I could go on like this forever, but I think it is clear what I want ... There are an infinite number of stimuli that can be created and that in a wide variety of ways and wise.

ASMR in the toy area: cars, pop it’s and Co.

In the category toy Pop IT is currently the next ASMR trend. There are
But countless toys that can create stimuli. Toy car tire
the table, quiet clattering or even squeaking. The quiet sound of a pen on a sheet of paper. The immersion with the fingers in finger paints or watching the sand that trickles from one chamber in the hourglass into the next. I also learned that Slime has a large ASMR fan club through social media. On YouTube, Instagram and Tikok, there are countless videos that invite you to relax. Kneading, pulling, pressing, smacking the idea of ​​immersing yourself in this soft texture actually relaxes super many people. Betting supplies into the textures brings further relaxation and a lot of fun. And in fact it is the case that when you start kneading a slime and playing with it, it is difficult to stop again -as long as the texture is given for it.

Which slime is best suited for ASMR?

If you like a lot of noises Bingsu slime or Floam slime particularly.
This is where extra crunchy ASMR sounds are created. Due to the incorporated Bingsu Beads, the slime becomes particularly crunchy. So it is with the
Styrofoam Übernchen in the Floam slime. But you prefer a super soft one
Consistency is probably that Butter The first choice. If you then the slimes
gives a soft odor note, nothing stands in the way of tingling on the skin.

All the best, Tanja

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