Weihnachtsgeschenke für Kinder damals vs. heute

Christmas presents for children at the time vs. today

Christmas presents for children at the time vs. today

Christmas is in 107 days. In the past you always said to me the days / years go faster the older you get. And it's actually true. Which Christmas present for children should there be this year? You have to think about that even faster. Over the years, Christmas and giving children, friends and family have changed extremely. The worst example for me is the Christmas tree. More and more people are buying a plastic Christmas tree, which is used every year. I can even understand that a bit. If you look at the prices of a fresh Christmas tree, less than 50 € actually gets almost nothing. Nevertheless, I just can't make friends with a plastic Christmas tree. There are even some in pink ... well, thanks to God, tastes are different. 

But this article shouldn't be about Christmas trees, but there should be Christmas presents for children. What is the best Christmas present for children? If you ask me - of course Slime. Why? Because I sell slime :-) no, seriously. Children can really deal with slime for hours and, by the way, not only children. But let's look a little in the past, what kind of Christmas presents for children in the 50s, 80s and what will be the hottest Christmas present this year.

Christmas presents for children in the 1950s.

The well -trendy gift for children was the electric railway. Beautiful snow landscapes with great attention to detail were built in the shop windows of the large department stores and then a Märklin railway drove around, for example.

Christmas presents for children in the 80s.

Without a big research, I know what the absolute mega gift for children in the 80s was. Everyone wanted it - and many also got it - a Nintendo. If you didn't want a Nintendo, you probably wanted a He-Man figure. The girls hoped for a few "my little pony" - preferably with original fragrance.

Christmas presents for children today.

Without question, in 1st place will be smartphones, for the younger ones among the kids my personal favorite is the Toniebox or even better tipotot books. My boys loved the books. The Switch or PS5 will probably also be at the top of the children's desired notes. And of course Handmade slime from us ;-)

As you can see, the Christmas gifts for children have changed a lot in the electrical direction over the years. You can find that good or not good. However, you cannot stop the technology and thus the electronic toys. However, I also find it pretty cool when my children just paint a picture ... so with colored pencils and such.


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