September. Schiebst du noch oder kaufst du schon? - Weihnachtsgeschenk Edition

September. Are you still pushing or are you already buying? - Christmas gift Edition

September. Are you still pushing or are you already buying? - Christmas gift Edition

September. Are you still pushing or are you already buying? - Christmas gift Edition

Some still push it away, others already start searching for gifts. Christmas presents for children. Big topic. It is becoming more and more unusual, more and more, and bigger. It becomes more technical and media -related. I succeed in getting the Christmas presents for my children every year.

Christmas gifts for children - that's the way it is with us ...

For our little one, he is five, it is now quite difficult I have to confess. He stands between: I am now big and can play Switch, but I'm not yet big enough to own my own and actually I also like to play with cars and action characters. Christmas presents for boys of this age can make themselves quite difficult. We are lucky that our little one on the subject of wishes is still diligent. Where I would be directly on the next topic. Craze. Two years ago at Christmas I arranged the gifts for the children under the tree in the evening and felt abruptly bad. There were certainly three gifts underneath for everyone, but it looked incredibly puny. Seriously I started again and struck again in the supermarket. Only so that it is more “handsome” for the children. Isn't that absolutely crazy? 

Child two is most difficult to give. He actually has a large number of interests or is he a bright, inquisitive guy to exaggerate with the slope - higher, further, faster. He deals a lot of outdoor. For him the absolute highlight: everything he can control with a spark. Drones, helicopters, planes, cars etc. PP. It is a great hobby, but a new, controllable device every year? Runs out. He is a scout ... He also wants to carve and camp also camp outdoor gadgets. Flashlights, backpack, drinking bottle, etc. and three question marks books (they are always there). A Christmas present for a boy at the age of nine, or for this festival it is already ten, but it is not necessarily possible but not easy ... at least that's how it is with us! Maybe you still have tips?

Our big one has exactly three interests: gaming, programming and drawing. In fact, things always go out on something technical. So we are so far with him that there is only a gift and something larger or costly (but only a gift? - yes, of course). My husband and I have the exact same situation every year: "Honey, but this year we really don't give anything!" "No honey, really not this year. But woe you buy something and I am then without there! «Yes and because both shit without what, while the other has got something, we always have something under the tree. 

Christmas gifts - and what about the rest of the family?

With the rest of the family, to my luck, we have launched the fantastic regulation of gnomes for years. That means: everyone only pulls another person he has to give. The fixed amount of 50 euros is of course exceeded "... but I have now resigned myself to that. Christmas gifts for family is in dry towels ... after all.

So, Christmas gifts for children. Tell me ...

... how do you handle that? Is there a budget. Is there a limit on the number of gifts? Do you have a special “procedure”? Are there also Christmas gifts for friends? Christmas gifts for the niece or the nephew? For the godchild? Grandpa, uncle, aunt and cousins? How do you feel about the everyday craze? Has he moved in with you or do you keep it at a distance? I am an absolute victim of consumer craze. And not just in a selfish way. Also for the others. If I could, I would buy everything to my children. I would also completely renovate and design their room once a year. I would also complete the rooms with stuff you love. But then it gets even more difficult for Christmas and whether the education would be advisable ... I'm not convinced: D. Regardless of this, I am sure that you need a small gift for one or the other child. I would not suggest slime to you as a Christmas present. Maybe im set? Maybe with one Cuddly toy or one Squishy? One or the other option is available in our shop. In this sense ... goes to our shop and buys what it takes. I am on your side: D and your family members to be preserved, friends and relatives certainly too.

Happy festival and Hohoho.

Your Tanja

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