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Why you should buy slime in corona times

Why you should buy slime in corona times

Why you should buy slime in corona times  

Corona, Corona and again Corona. Is it just me or can you slowly hear it anymore? This crisis is really everywhere - and I hope that the whole thing will come to an end soon. I also don't want to go into how the right way is to deal with this pandemic.  


Slime in Corona times

The small companies and gastronomy in particular suffer from Corona. It is all the more important to support these companies. We are of course happy with Mega when your slime buys from us, but also have a look at our colleagues Mathis slime over. We and certainly all other colleagues give everything to put a smile in the face of the children in this uncertain time. Only together can we make it!  


Best slime shop in Germany

Even in Corona times-or especially in the Corona period, our goal is to continue to be the best slime online shop in Germany, and we do a lot for that. 

We recently received a new family member: "Snow" - our first cloud slime. In the next few weeks there will be a second one Cloud Slime variant in addition. If you want to buy slime, then you should definitely take ours Snow-lime Order - it is really wonderfully soft. 

In addition, we will soon revise all of our product images so that you get even more desire for our slime.


Stay healthy!


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