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After the bankruptcy of Dawanda in 2018, the American competitor took over the German market. On Etsy you can find really great, mostly homemade products. The company is currently one of the few from the Corona crisis. Due to the sale of self -sewn masks - in April alone, 12 million masks were sold via the platform. 


Take a look at Etsy ...

You can also open our slime Etsy buy. We chose this platform because it offers so much and the product selection is fantastic. In addition, setting the products is uncomplicated and the app is super clear. You will find us there at wwwslimeslimede

You can also do other online marketplaces such as B. buy eBay slime, but we don't see each other there, because when selling via Ebay we get the feeling that we “betray” our products. Other marketplaces that we head for are of course Amazon and Google Shopping. continued on success course

It remains exciting. There are more orders every day and we rise in Google ranking. If you are looking for "Slime Shop Germany", we are currently in position 9.

Stay healthy!


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