Heey people,

Today I would like to introduce myself: My name is from Orrec - Prof. Dr. Dr. Tanja from Orrec -to be precise. I am a professor of slimeology and the Slimeslime.de team is responsible for the development and implementation of new products. I am 174 cm tall, have black hair and colorful eyes. My favorite animals are mosquitoes and rhinos. 

My childhood

I always had the passion to develop things early in my childhood. My first invention was a cornflakes color machine. I found the color of the cornflakes boring, with my machine it was different - colorful cornflakes every morning of the year. Actually a great idea until one day I could no longer tame my curiosity and put my hamster Hansi in the machine ... I save you the result, it was not nice. I just reveal that he had a really colorful life.

Sloomoo Institute Slimeology

After my school career, I studied at the Sloomoo Institute Slimeology. After completing my award with award, Tanja and Tony immediately offered me a job at slimeslime.de. Now I am the development department and take care of new mucus creations. My last idea was that we deliver our slime with stork. I had already planned all, and I even wanted to build up a stork breeding station. Unfortunately, this idea did not get a green light from the two founders. 

Well, I will soon have my own format: what if ... I can really let off steam. Try everything I always wanted to do (I actually do that anyway, but now I can film it and show you). Be sure to have a look at our Tikok channel. I would be happy.

Greetings from the mucus laboratory ...

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