Unsere Club-Karte unter die Lupe genommen.

Our club card examined.

Our club card examined.

That we have recently been one own club have. we have already told you. Today we want to take a close look at our club card.

The club card is biodegradable

You certainly know that the topic of sustainability is very important to us.
That was also important to us on our club card.

The ECO plastic card consists of the material Sicoeco. This is a PVC film that is produced with a special additive. This makes it biodegradable. Sicoeco and normal PVC have the same mechanical properties. The existing microbes are broken down in the organic compost. Sicoeco foils can also be recycled into a reusable material.

Our club card in detail

Now let's take a look at the actual structure of the club card. As you can see, the card has several fields that need to be filled. We only enter the membership number, you can fill the remaining fields yourself. You can also see the placeholder for a picture. For this you get an illustration from yourself as soon as you have made your fifth order in our shop as a club member.

What does the club card cost you?

Like the entire club, the club card is also completely free. You will receive this immediately by post as soon as you have registered for our club. So what are you waiting for? Will still be a member of our Slimeslimes clubs And secure all the advantages.

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