Adventskalender: Türchen 23 - Der Weihnachtszwerg

Advent calendar: door 23 - The Christmas dwarf

Advent calendar: door 23 - The Christmas dwarf

Door 23 - The Christmas dwarf

You need:

Your red oh minet
Your white oh minet

That's how it's done:

First you mix a little red plasticine today with your white kneading to get a pink. You need the pink for the nose, so you don't need a lot of it.

You form a ball from your red plasticine, which becomes the stomach, but you don't see that much afterwards, because next we will shape a white beard with our white plasticine. We put it on our stomach and leave about a quarter of the red ball upwards.

Now to the hat that you can form as we have done on day 18 of our advent calendar:

With your red plasticine you first form a cone, you can design it a little "softer" with your fingers. In the middle of the porridge in the middle of the porridge and let it run out a little further downwards, so that your hat looks a bit "sloppy". But that's not a must. We also shaped our tip somewhat weird, so it looked a little softer.

Next you grab your white kneading and roll a long string from it, which you simply lay around your hat, at the bottom, completely around. You can squeeze it out or just leave it like that, that is entirely up to you. Finally, the white bobble, of course you also make it out of your white knead. Just roll a little ball from her.

You can now put your finished hat on the Red Ball and nest something to him so that the transition looks more coherent.

Finally, you form an egg or a ball from your previously mixed pink, you put it between the beard and hat and your Christmas gnome is ready.

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