Adventskalender: Türchen 22 - Der Eisbär

Advent calendar: door 22 - the polar bear

Advent calendar: door 22 - the polar bear

Door 22 - the polar bear 

You need:

Your white oh minet
Your brown oh seed (either you mix them or take a rest of the last few days)
Your black oh chicken
Alternatively a role and a cutout

That's how it's done:

Like yesterday you start with a ball, but today from white kneading. Your Knette polar bear becomes as simple as the penguin from knead. No worries! You press your white ball out of plasticine on a smooth surface or you stand out your previously rolled out kneading.

Now to the ears: For this you form two small balls out of your white kneading and press them flat. You put both ears on the side of your head. 

For the eyes you roll two small balls made of black kneading and put them on your head at "eye level".

From another small ball made of white kneading you shape the snout. Your ball presses flat and put it on the lower part of your polar bear head. In the middle you place a small ball made of brown kneading for the nose. Your brown plasticine is used again. You need two small balls of which you press them flat again and put them on your ears. Now penguin and polar bear can play together. Have fun :)

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