Spielen und Lernen: Der Recycling-Fun-Faktor.

Play and learn: the recycling-fun factor.

Play and learn: the recycling-fun factor.

Hallihallo, dear Slime community! We all know that our kids simply love to play. But how cool would it be if you could also learn something about the environment while playing? Recycling is the keyword! In this post we show you how to recycling with the daily Children's toy Connect and help your children to make the world a little bit greener. 🌍💚

1. The recycling game: makes waste separation a adventure! 🗑️🚀

Studies from the University of Cambridge have shown that children learn best through practical experience. So why not make a game out of it? Put different containers for plastic, paper and residual waste and leave your children that Children's toy, which is no longer needed, sort properly. The one who sorts the fastest and most accurate wins! This not only teaches the art of recycling, but also teamwork and speed.

2. DIY with old toys: Upcycling artificial works 🎨🛠️

Upcycling is the latest trend in the DIY area. Instead of old Children's toy Throwing away, you can start creative art projects with your children. A study from Sweden has found that such creative activities not only promote the fine motor skills and creativity of the children, but also bring them closer to the value of objects. Whether you tinker a mobile from old dolls or create key rings from legislative stones - the possibilities are endless!

3rd story time: adventure in the recycling world 📚🌌

Your little lovely good night stories? Use this time to tell you stories of heroes that save the world by recycling. According to the educational researcher Dr. Paul Morgan not only promotes stories of stories, but also influences her values ​​and attitudes.

In summary: Dear parents, we have the wonderful opportunity to teach our children valuable lessons through the protection of our planet when playing. And honestly - there is a better way to bring you closer to the world of recycling than through your beloved Children's toy? So, get to the bins and off you go with the recycling fun! 🌿🎲🌈

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