Das Mitgebsel durch die Zeiten: Von süßen Traditionen zu trendigen Gadgets.

The sex through the times: from sweet traditions to trendy gadgets.

The sex through the times: from sweet traditions to trendy gadgets.

Everyone Children's birthday, which you celebrate today, the little guests often end with the exciting moment of receiving a gift. But where does this tradition come from and how has it changed over time? Accompany us on a journey through the history of the fellow.

From candy rods to handcrafted toys: the beginnings of the lug

The tradition of giving has profound roots that go back far into our history. Even in the Middle Ages, small gifts or sweets were distributed to guests at festivals and celebrations to thank them for their presence. In Europe, especially in Germany, it was often handmade treats or small wooden toys that the children Joy prepared. This custom of giving after celebrations was not only limited to the nobility, but was practiced in all social classes. The "Judge Children's Birthday" was born, albeit in a much more traditional form than today.

The 20th century: industrialization and the boom of the lug

With the advent of industrialization and mass production, the type of jog also changed. Instead of handmade articles, industrially produced toys and sweets have now been distributed. In the 1950s, especially in the United States, it was increasingly popular to organize birthday parties with topics, and the two -handeds often fitted to the respective topic. Whether cowboy hats or miniature dolls, the variety of fellow grew steadily.

The modern era: personalization and sustainability

In today's world, she is often much more than just a small thank you. They are often personalized and reflect the preferences and interests of the birthday child. From superhero figures to DIY-mucus kits (yes, mucus is in!) The bandwidth is enormous.

In addition, in our environmentally conscious society, more and more emphasis is placed on sustainable shared. Instead of plastic toys that quickly breaks and then thrown away, many parents prefer to give away sustainable or durable articles such as books, colorful pencils or ecologically produced toys.

Final thoughts

The concept of the Gingerbread Has changed significantly over time, but the core idea remains the same: it is a form of thanks and appreciation towards the guests. It also reflects the changing values ​​and priorities of our society, from handmade articles to mass -produced goods to personalized and sustainable gifts. However, one thing is certain: the gift at the children's birthday has come to stay. And who knows what the future still has for trends!

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