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A few weeks ago we went online with our German Slimeshop Since then we have had some orders about our shop without us investing money in marketing so far. Orders have also received orders. Of course, we are particularly pleased that we have received very good feedback to our slime so far. 

Sustainability is well received by our customers. What we are most happy about! The glasses and grass boxes belong to like the slime itself. Our concept is also based on using as little plastic as possible. Unfortunately, this is not yet 100% implementable. However, we are continuously on the turn of keeping our small company largely plastic -free.

We also have some new products in the shop:

#1 Slime Supplies:

We received our first "big" order and the articles already have online. We don't really like the product images yet and are revised again. Particular attention was paid to the packaging again-our Slime Luppies bags consist of PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and dissolve in 💦 on. We use Plano Clips as a closure. You all know these closures. B. from bread bags. The Plano clips can be used well after use. 

So that was a brief insight into our slime diverse.

Stay healthy & see you soon.


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