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The ultimate list of American Slime Stars.

The ultimate list of American Slime Stars.

The ultimate list of American Slime Stars.

Welcome to the first post in our new category "Ultislimetive". This revolves around the ultimate on the subject of slime. 

You think you're slime crazy?! Spend every cent for your favorite lime?! Do you prefer to buy Slime than other toys?! Okay, you are crazy, that's certain. But the dimensions in America are very different from us here in Germany. A slime creator has almost become a profession there. Some slime stars record up to 5000 orders a day. Crazy! 


This is where the ultis lime comes: Slime stars Top 5 USA.

1# Karina Garcia 



Karina Garcia has a twin sister named Mayra Isabell. Karina opened her YouTube channel in 2012. However, she only published her first video in 2015. She reached 250,000 followers within six months. 


2# Talisa Tossell 



The slime princess. With over 2.1 million followers on YouTube and 1.1 million on Instagram, Talisa has an enormous range as a slime creator. By the way, her first video on YouTube shows her how to clean up her room and has around 176,200 views to date. 


3# Nichole Jacklyne



Nichole grew up in Michigan with two brothers. She applied to America's Next Top Model by video. In the beginning her YouTube Channel was called "Heyitsnichole14". She didn't really want to use her own name, but after a short time she decided.


4# Joseph Anthonii



The only man in our list. Joseph Anthonii Lares was born in San Antonio in 1993. In addition to slime videos, he also shows product tests on his YouTube channel. You can also see a video in which he produces slime with his grandmother. So far, Joseph has played in two small film production. 


5# Maddie Rae




The chick with the age of 15 in our list. Maddie made it into the Guinness Book of Records in 2017. With the support of her father and friends, she made 6269 kg slime. After the record was set, the slime was packed and given away. 


Buying slime in America is something else!

You can see that Slime in America has a completely different popularity than here with us. For example, there are countless slime fairs where you can buy slime, or slime events on which the slime stars appear, and even a slime truck. Crazy what's going on. I hope it will be a little more here.

That was the first part of our "Ultislimetive" series next time!


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