Slime für Senioren

Slime for seniors

Slime for seniors

Slime for seniors? Does it have to be that way?

Nothing has to be, but it's still cool! My two grannies were the testers this time and independently expressed their opinion. Both were absolutely enthusiastic about the nature of our first creation in the Slime category for seniors - the Granny Relax. First and foremost I came up with the thought Slime for seniors to add to the shop because of the therapeutic background. Many hands plague and rheumatism and I had a little talk to my grandma who suffers from rheumatism. I asked her how she would treat her hands, what helps her and good. She told me about a ball with knobs and that she would always do smaller exercises. Because targeted regular movement therapy is with most rheumatic Diseases indispensable. So I asked her what she would think of a firm slime that she could knead. Whether in the evening in front of the television or just like that when she thinks it makes sense at a moment. She found the thought well and so the idea of ​​really implementing and expanding slime for seniors came up. However, I knew too little with the topic in the therapeutic area in order to be able to go into it in more detail or to be called this as the main reason why we should create the category slime for seniors at all. But it not only remains the health aspect, seniors can deal with slime as well as all other age groups. My other grandma, for example, has no symptoms with her hands and she asked me to leave me a copy because she simply found it pleasant to handle it. At this point I remember that I still have to bring the slime to her. Ups. 

‘Slimen’ can everyone

Slime is of course exclusively one for most people toy. However, I have often found that it is used as a concentration aid or to distract-for example. It is not so far -fetched that you also offer slime for seniors. Because even or especially seniors sit in front of the television in the evening and don't know where to go with their hands. Some knit, crochet or puzzle, but others don't have such a hobby. I can imagine that it seems totally wrong for some, but I find it to be used as a toy as not so absurd. You will probably only get these thoughts if you work in the shop. :) The ASMR trend has passed me. I know about him and we support this trend, but I don't live it myself. I am actually more interested in the therapeutic area, although of course I don't have professional knowledge approaches. However, I firmly decided to deal with it in detail so that I really know what I'm talking about. Apart from that, this is just a “nice side effect” in the Slime category for seniors. Of course, the focus is on the fun.

Greetings, Tanja

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