Slime für Erwachsene

Slime for adults

Slime for adults

Adulthood is of course a very stretchy term. Some people feel grown up at 16, another not yet at 37. I myself will be 36 years old in a few days, but I don't feel like it. At least not mentally. Physically - so. :) But that's another topic. After all, this should be about slime for adults, not about my personal, physical feeling.

Why Slime for adults

Sometimes you shouldn't take life too seriously, then you can bring our slime as a party gift, for example. Sometimes life as an adult is also very exhausting and you need a balance or a small distraction or simply a little something for frustration. Whether a party gift or as a great gift for the girlfriend. Slime is simply versatile, as you just need.

Wine or beer?

Pretty clichés we will bring the first “real” adult limes into the shop. Wineoh Clock and Oh Beer. An unusual gift for mom or dad? A funny souvenir for the uncle or the sister -in -law. As a party gift, just for fun or really mean. An unbelievable number of our customers are young adults and we also want to offer you one or more slimes who just don't "typical child”Are or just very different and surprising. First and foremost, Slime remains a toy for children, but we are looking forward to bringing this new project closer to adults, mums, dads, grandpas etc slime. Simply make slime better known outside the 'toy scene'. I personally can imagine that an Oh Beer on the birthday of the uncle or Grandpa (of course those should like beer here) could be very well received. But we'll see, maybe we think a little too far again.

A Slime for everyone and all for a slime

We do not want to tell anyone which slime he gives to what occasion, who gives or buys himself. Of course, a dinoh or university horn can also be given away to mom and grandma. Or you are a unicorn fan yourself and want to have the University of Horn. We only pass on information or recommendations to you. However, it is obviously clear to us that a Wineoh Clock would be well received in the gift to Liselotte's fifth birthday. Hence the categorizations. Now have fun browsing.

Greetings, Tanja

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