Ihr wollt einen Schleim Onlineshop eröffnen? Äh aber sonst geht es euch gut? | slimeslime.de

Do you want to open a mucus online shop? Uh but otherwise you are fine?

Do you want to open a mucus online shop? Uh but otherwise you are fine?

Do you want to open a mucus online shop? Uh, but otherwise you are fine?

Something or even a little more direct, the reactions were after we told some that we would like to open a slime online shop with handmade lime from Germany. But who are we? We are a young couple with three children to be more precise, three boys aged four, eight and twelve years. The discussion started with every visit to the department store or in the toy shop, even at petrol stations where slime was sighted: "Papa, can I have the Clear Slime?" Or "Can I have the Glibber slime? BitttttttTeeeeee! ”. Whoever has children knows that only too well 😛. Often, very often even, we bought mucus. We were never really satisfied with the products 😩. "That has to be better," we thought and so the idea of ​​slimeslime.de came up 


And that makes Slimeslime.de:

  • By Intertek Consumer Goods GmbH to DIN EN 71-3 (Borax) Safety of toys checked
  • water -soluble glue
  • We only use food coloring
  • We add aloe vera oil to all mucus
  • 200 ml reusable glass containers 
  • Our packaging consists of grass paper 
  • Our packaging material consists of corn starch and is water -soluble
  • Family proven products


We try to use as little plastic as somehow possible. We are not doing without us at the moment either.

It is very important for us that we are in contact with our small and large buyers. For this we have a WhatsApp chat directly on our site. So if you have any questions, ideas or just have a new mucus proposal, just write to us.

If you want to buy slime, buy at slimeslime.de, because this is how you support a small family business.

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