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Fascination mucus, the comeback from the comeback!

Fascination mucus, the comeback from the comeback!

Fascination mucus - the comeback from the comeback!

Slime has been very popular as a gift for children for several years. But why is it like that? What makes Slime so interesting? We can always observe that parents develop the same fun in the slime as the children. Then the whole thing becomes a huge family fun.


For what is the reason for decades? 

It all started in 1976 when the toy giant Mattel launched Slime for the first time. The toy became even more popular when the clumsy, lovable spirit of Slimer appeared in the film Ghostbusters. Small Funfact: Over 400,000 l mucus were used in the film Ghostbusters II. After Ghostbusters, people started buying a crazy slime. At that time, however, without charms, glitter, scents or sprinkles. It was mostly green glibbers slime.


Slime today. Slime is art. 

Today there are millions of variations of Clearslime, Floamslime to Glossyslime to butters lime and so on. There are fragrances, colors, charms, glitter, sprinkles and shining slime, the imagination is no limits. In America z. B. there is the sloomooinstitute.com - a business only for slime. There you can make slime, buy or just spend a nice day - there is, among other things, a slime museum. Nicole Jacklyne is a "slim artist" from Michigan. With her shop Slimebyjacklyne.com she records up to 3000 orders a day and on Instagram you will follow 366,000 people. In Germany we do not yet have an account of this size. 


Why Slime is just great and it will stay. 

Above all, Slime is so popular through the different consistencies, through kneading, pulling, running through the pups noises when you press it back into the glass. In our opinion, it is also the limitless diversity that makes the fascination on the toy. Slime is almost reinvented. And that's why children will continue to buy slime and enjoy it.

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