Gegen die Optik, für die Umwelt

Against the optics, for the environment

Against the optics, for the environment

Do you remember it when we recently told you about the small meeting where our heads turned into real chimneys? Well, the adjustment of the shipping cost threshold is not the only change to our shop that we would like to inform you about.

Plastic from the sea

Certainly you know our philosophy to use only reusable products for our packaging. It is also important to us to avoid plastic as far as possible. Did you actually know how much plastic swims around in our world's oceans? Whole beaches are full of it. And what happens to all the plastic when it is collected? This is not simply returned to a large mountain and left behind. Instead, many beautiful new things are created.

Against the optics, for the environment

For example, great crucens with screw caps are made from this. As you know, we have always filled our slime into glasses - except for the patch that comes to you in small aluminum boxes. Visually, the glasses naturally gain every competition. Nevertheless, we would like to become even more environmentally conscious from now on and have therefore chosen the crucible from Ocean Plastic. These are recycled plastic waste that is collected near the coast.

Since you cannot say beforehand what the plastic looks like for our new doses, there can be slight color deviations from our slime taps every now and then. However, every container turns to unique.

We are not concerned with saving!

If you now think that this is about economy, you are wrong. Because the new cans are even a little more expensive in purchasing than the previous glass actually fit 30 ml more slime - and yet the prices of our slime remain unchanged. Maybe that's a little compensation for you.

We also adjusted our labels. From now on, no single stickers adorn the cans, but a pretty banderole. This gives you all important information about the slime at a glance. You can also find a nice saying on it - let yourself be surprised.

Help the planet and especially the sea with all its diverse residents to breathe again freely.


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