Überall steigen die Kosten ins Unermessliche!

Everywhere the costs rise immeasurably!

Everywhere the costs rise immeasurably!

Our small shop is unfortunately not spared from the drastic increase in price, which currently leads to problems everywhere. So we have ourselves all Supported until the heads smoked to come to a hopefully good solution, how we continue. You can find out what ultimately came out in this blog post.

The prices of the individual articles do not increase! 

First of all, we can calm you down in that we will not raise the prices of the individual articles. So you can still get every slime and slime set from us at the usual prices. Even though the respective production costs have increased significantly.

46 % more expensive than before

Alone with ours Bite the costs in production have increased by a whopping 46 %. Do you know our little ones, with all very popular sex? The little jars with our "samples". The absolute madness! But here, too, we remain true to our usual prices, so that the guests can continue to enjoy the fits on your child's birthday or you can try one or the other slime yourself before buying a large glass.

Further free shipping within Germany, but ...

Under the given circumstances, we still offer free shipping within Germany as soon as a certain value of goods is reached. But here we come to the all -important change in our shop.

So far, from a value of 30,- € you need not pay any shipping costs. Here we now have to raise the threshold to € 50. Nothing changes in the shipping costs to the EU, for example to Austria.

Of course, we hope that you can understand us in this regard and that you will continue to remain true to us.


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