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Sustainability is concerned with all of us

Sustainability is concerned with all of us

The topic is on everyone's lips, in which one more and less. However, it has developed on the subject and that is very positive. Of course, it is that it is “sufficient” if everyone contributes a small part. The big picture then just makes a lot.

Sustainability and children's toys are not always easy to implement. 

It starts with the packaging. If I go through the shops, I am almost impossible to order a toy for children in plastic -free packaging. Especially in the area of ​​slime. It is not only in a plastic cup, but for hygienic reasons, it is also also welded into plastic. Not cool! Fortunately, there are many start UPS that have been dealing with this topic for a long time and offer environmentally friendly toys in environmentally friendly packaging. Especially in the toddler area ... this is not quite our age group now, but we as a triple parents or would much prefer to let such toys move into our home. And of course it is always a total eye -catcher. 

Speaking of at home - since we have been more intensive with the topic of sustainability and the topic for environmental protection, we of course not only wanted to record it in our Slime Business but also implement it privately. Of course, we cannot preach about environmentally friendly packaging and then drive everything against the wall in the cozy home ... It is best to be wrapped in plastic. So we created many alternatives for us. That means not only in the children's room, but also in the bathroom and in the kitchen. If you want to buy packaging -free, for example, or generally want to reduce your personal ‘garbage print’ We would be happy to listen to you here some of our alternatives that we have discovered for us:


  • Fruit networks are now available in almost every big supermarket. So you can confidently leave the plastic bags where they are and again and again your networks for fresh fruit and vegetables Use that is not sold in plastic shells and welded… goes without saying.
  • Pastries, bread and rolls: For this we can recommend the fabric bread bag, which gives the baker (bitterly, whether your baker can take your baker with you) not only makes the rolls even more environmentally friendly. With a little skill you can even sew it yourself. In addition, there is the alternative of berry wax for the fabric bag (which is even better Like the alternative from beeswax) under Link to the website You can find a DIY guide. 
  • Unpacked shops or weekly market: If you want to avoid even more garbage in everyday life, have a look whether there is a shop unpacked near you. Here you either bring your own container or buy one in the shop. Then you can fill your food yourself. Alternatively, visit the weekly market, whether meat, fish, baked goods, fruit, vegetables, flowers or cheese. Here you will find many fresh goods at a reasonable price. Here, too, simply use your vessels or nets you have brought with you. At the baker, butcher or at the cheese counter in the supermarket, you can get difficulties with your cans you have brought with you, because the employees are usually not allowed to accept these for hygienic reasons. At least I have had this experience.


  • Bake: Instead of the commercially available Switch baking paper, simply switch to a silicone baking mat. It not only takes less space in the kitchen cabinet, but also absolutely none in your garbage can, because as you can imagine, you can use it over and over and over again! 
  • Wash: For some time now I not only save a lot of money when washing but also protect the environment ... Cooking detergent yourself is the solution! It goes super quickly and only needs a few ingredients. You can find a recipe for this, for example: Link to the website
  • Cleaning and cleaning agent: For e.g. an environmentally friendly detergent can be found at Link to the website A great recipe. There is also a fixed variant that optically makes a lot of things with a suitable sponge and a beautiful brush. (Here you can find, for example a nice selection)

If you don't feel like it or time to deal with the production of cleaning agents, there are of course large companies such as Everdrop that take over this part for you. But I have to say that it is often just too expensive for me and then I take the time to produce certain means of making myself and I actually drive very well with it and my conscience likes it too! :) There are also other alternatives for the tabs for the toilet, glass cleaner, all -purpose cleaner etc. I do not list all the links on this topic here, but simply would like to point out that there are such simple and sustainable alternatives for so much things for so much things . Link to the website For me there is always a nice source of inspiration.

  • bathroom: From solid shampoo If you have probably heard everyone now, soap and co is also in the solid form. Shampoo is the same as liquid shampoo, only water was removed from him. It becomes more compact and is more productive. It is important here that it does not require plastic. If you like, you can find this in the usual drugstore. Of course also in environmentally friendly packaging. 
  • Hand soap For example, I also like to make it myself. There is here: Link to the website A recipe. But I'm also lazy or are under time pressure, so I use solid soap in a cardboard box from the drugstore. We also unnecessarily produce a lot of garbage when removing hair, which we can easily avoid to disposable razors through alternative products. Sure, that too is a question of costs. You can quickly reach for a disposable razor, it is super cheap but also produces a lot of garbage. Under Link to the website If the whole thing is very much addressed, if you are interested, you can take a lot of information on the topic of shaving. My favorite is the razor planer. My husband, however, cannot do anything with it and prefers to use the electric shaver. 
  • Toothbrush, Floss, Cosmetic towels. / Pads, cotton swab, toothpaste. Here, too, I use alternative, environmentally friendly products. For this you will find a lot of products from Amazon, for example, which you can get in the set with discounts. To date, I use bamboo cotton swabs, for example, I will buy new silicone cotton swabs, which I can clean and reuse. Isn't that practical? Instead of the commercially available slowdown pads, I use washable from bamboo. Use, wash, reuse and decorative are always. Because they are often offered in a suitable box. Dental care in general is also more environmentally friendly. Bamboo, dental floss in the glass bottle or toothpaste tablets in paper packaging or glass containers offers many options here. So you see in the area of ​​hygiene you can change a lot
  • Self -employment: Last but not least - As you can already see from our website, our shipping box consists of 35 % grass paper and 65 % of waste paper. The special thing about these boxes is that not a single tree has to be felled. Our packaging chips consist of plant strength and are 100% compostable and our slime containers are made of glass, which you can use again and again. Because we only have this one planet.

Finally, I would like to say again that I don't want to ask anyone here now and immediately to implement all of these things! But maybe one thing. It would change so much!

All the best and stay healthy

Your Tanja

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