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The right Easter gift for children ...

The right Easter gift for children ...

... is sometimes really difficult to find. If you don't necessarily want to fall back on a big bunch of sweets. How about Slime this year? Our Slime Contains Aleo Vera and has been put through its paces by our small slime testers Mio, Santino, Alessia and Juano. In addition, we pay great attention to our product selection and try to avoid esotericism well. Our boxes consist of a large part of grass and our packaging material consists of cornstarch. In our opinion, everyone can do something, whether big or small, so we are going to go with a good example. 

For the environment.

Our slime comes in the glass container and is the perfect Easter gift for children - especially suitable for hiding in the garden. The surprise is guaranteed and the bright children's eyes too. Or you can see ours once Slime boxing There are always 3 types of slime, the suitable supplies, Activator, Softener and a Squieshy which packed in a white cardboard, as the perfect gift for children. Our feedback on the slime gift boxes has been very positive so far and that is our greatest confirmation.

Two new slime boxes in April.

We hope to get two more slime gifts boxes ready before Easter in order to have even more selection for a great Easter gift for children. As a little insight, I can reveal the names of the slime boxes here ... >> Hero Box << and >> Goldsters Box << Be excited! As always, we promise great care and mega fun for everyone!



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