Überraschung garantiert: Kreative Inhalte für eure Goody Bags!

Surprise guarantees: Creative content for your Goody Bags!

Surprise guarantees: Creative content for your Goody Bags!

Hello dear party enthusiasts!

There is hardly anything more exciting for children than at the end of a party one Goody Bag to get in the hand. But instead of the usual sweets and plastic toys, we could pack something really creative and surprising, right? Here are some extraordinary ideas that will be amazed at your little guests!

1. Personal messages in a bottle 💌🍾

Pirate feeling pure! Writes small, personal messages or puzzles on paper, rolls them together and puts them in small bottles. This can be a thank you for coming or a small treasure map that has to be decrypted at home.

2. DIY magic sand for kneading and shaping 🌈🏖️

Children love playing with sand. So why not put a small portion of magic sand in the Goody Bags?

  • material: Fine play sand, cornstarch, water, food coloring.
  • Instructions: Mix 2 cups of sand with 1 cup of cornstarch. Slowly add up to 1 cup of water until the desired consistency is reached. Add a few drops of food coloring and mix well.
  • Fun: At home, the children can make shapes, build castles and let their creativity run wild!

3. Homemade bathing salt creations 🛁💎

A relaxing bath after the party? Yes, please! Bathing salts are easy to manufacture and can be individually adjusted.

  • material: Sea salt or epsome salt, food colors, essential oils.
  • Instructions: Mix the salt with a few drops of color and oil. Mix well and fill it into small bags or glasses.
  • Bathing fun: At home, the little guests can enjoy a relaxing bathroom with their own handmade swimming salt!

4. Seed bombs for little gardeners 🌱🌼

Let's put a little green into the Goody Bags! With homemade seed bombs, the kids can start their own small garden at home.

  • material: Flower seeds, earth, sound powder, water.
  • Instructions: Mix 5 parts of earth, 3 parts of sound powder and 1 part seed. Slowly add water until you have a formable mass. Form small balls and let them dry.
  • Garden fun: At home, the children can plant their sperm bombs in pots or in the garden and watch how beautiful flowers grow out of them!

5. Individual sticker sets 🌟🦄

Children love to stick and personalize their things. How about if you could design your own sticker sets? Complete empty stickers and let the children create their own stickers with pencils, colors and glitter during the party. At the end of the party you can take your masterpieces home in your Goody Bags.

This lets us conclude: Goody bags can be so much more than just a bag full of sweets. With a little creativity and preparation, you can give the children unique, personal and unforgettable gifts. We hope these ideas inspire you for the next party!

Happy tinkering and see you soon, your team from slimeslime.de! 🎉❤️🎨

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