Slime Tiegel: Nicht nur für Slime! Kreative Ideen für Zweitverwendungen

Slime Tiegel: Not just for slime! Creative ideas for secondary uses

Slime Tiegel: Not just for slime! Creative ideas for secondary uses

Hey slime lovers! You have a crucible of our brilliant Slimes Empty and now ask yourself what you can do with the empty 250 ml slime crucial? No problem, we have a few cool ideas for you!

DIY storage: order can be so stylish 

Are you looking for a trendy way to keep small things like hair ties, office clips or even jewelry? Our 250 ml Slime crucial Are perfect for that! Simply wash the crucible thoroughly, let it dry and off you go. With a bit of decoration like Washi tape or stickers you can even pimp the crucible!

Mini herb garden: green thumb up 

Yes, you read properly! Our slime crucible can also serve as mini plant pots for herbs or small houseplants. Fill the bottom of the Tiegel With a few stones for the drainage, add earth and plant your herbs or small succulents. A few holes in the lid provide ventilation.

Creative cuisine: snacks and dips on-the-go 

Who said that Slime crucible is just fun and play? You can also use the containers excellently as small snack boxes for on the go. Whether vegetable sticks, fruit or homemade dips - the recoverable lid keeps everything fresh and safe!

So, people, don't throw the empty 250 ml slime crucial off. Be creative and use them for everything! And don't forget, we are always happy about your own ideas and DIY projects. Tags us Instagram Or send us your cool ideas!

Until the next slime adventure!

Your Slimeslime team

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