No. 6 Emil at the North Pole

No. 6 Emil at the North Pole

Today I am with grandma, we baked cookies - hazelnut cookies with chocolate glaze and colorful pearls on top. Do you also love him, bake this smell of cookies in the oven?

Opi is standing on the chair and drapes an angel on the top of the Christmas tree, which spreads next to the window in the right corner. Colorful lights flash in the windows and Kalle, Omi and Opis dog snores in front of the fireplace, in which a small fire blazes. It is Christmas and you can see it everywhere. It is really the best time of the year, don't you think too? I could even do a snow angel in the garden earlier, but unfortunately there is nothing more to be seen from it, because it is still snowing. The footpath that OPI shoveled out earlier is again covered with a thick, white layer of snow. The news is currently underway on television, a man announces that air traffic will be discontinued until further notice due to the many snow. 

"Oh no! But how should Santa Claus bring the gifts tomorrow if nobody is allowed to fly? "

... I look at Omi and Opi. There is an idea for me: "Do you think Santa Claus needs a little help this year?", I run up into the guest room where I sleep and get my miracle lime under the bed. I grab it in and ...

"Hey! Hey! Wake up. What are you doing here? ”, A small, pointed shoe types me against my arm a few times, as if he wanted to test whether I still live. I lie in the snow and big, thick flakes fall in the face. However, these flakes look very different than at home. They shine and glitter in a blue, as if someone had powdered them with glitter dust.

"Me, I'm here to help Santa Claus."

I say and look into two large elf eyes. His ears protrude pointed under the red bobble cap and his nose looks like a yellow golf ball. "Aha, and why should you want to do that?" The eleven looks at me skeptically. “Well because of the snowstorm. He must not fly and ... and I thought that I will help him. I am Emil, I have a miracle lime. He can definitely help him too. When flying, do you know?! " 

"Well, then come along." The eleven shakes his hand and I take it. He is surprisingly strong for its size and pulls me on the feet in no time. "Wow, you are a strong, small guy." I say to him, he grins at me.

We run a piece, over a snow -capped, glittering meadow, to a forest from fir trees. This fragrance - it is almost better than freshly baked cookies. "What's your name at all?" I ask the eleven, who is just forming my face in the air from snowflakes. I hardly trust my eyes. "Wow. How ... how do you do that? " 

“I'm an eleven. I can do that! By the way, my name is Zipp. "

Again a wide grin. "We are there," says Zipp, but I can't see anything. “Where, there?! Nothing is here. ”Zipp shakes his hand again and pulls me behind me. A warm whirlpool of baked apple, candy rods and tanny scent around me and suddenly I stand in a factory that looks like a toy shop. 

"Hello Emil.", A deep voice greets me, but I can't see anything again. Shortly thereafter, it shimmers and flickers in front of me and he says. Body. Santa Claus. Just as I know it. With long white beard and red suit. Golden buttons and black boots. 

I'm so excited, I don't get a word out. “So you came to help me. Then tell me, ”he says and indicates me with a hand movement to follow him. I tell him about my miracle lime and that he can fulfill wishes, not all, but most. I tell him about my great adventures and that I have imagined that the slime could also fulfill a wish. "Mh." Santa Claus buzzes.

“So Emil, I don't need help with flying. I am Santa Claus and my sledge is designed for flights in the snow. «, He winks. “But, I could use help to pack the Christmas presents for the children. My wrapping machine broke. Could you and your slime possibly do something? "

"Nothing easier than that!" I call. 

When I wake up I am with Omi and Opi, my parents are already there. I run down the stairs, into the room - and there they lie. Beautifully packaged, under the tree. The Christmas presents. This is the most beautiful Christmas ever!

Author: John Doe

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