No.5 Emil the Astronaut

No.5 Emil the Astronaut

Piep beep beep. »Mayday, Mayday! Everything flashes and beeps! Mayday! "

The cockpit of the rocket in which I am sitting turns through completely. Everything flashes and beeps and I do not reach the ground staff. It rumbles and wobbles. I have to not land. A loud crash. I landed. Where, I don't know. I reach into my backpack because I want to know if my miracle lime has stayed safe. Fortunately. Everything alright. Because I can't do anything in my rocket anymore, I take off and put on my astronaut helmet. I hardly trust my eyes when I discover these many stars. They shine soooo bright.

So, my uncle Horst, he is a giant. Honestly, it is so big, he always pushes his head on the door frame when he enters a room. But this. This is indescribably large. A Rieeeeeeeeeeaesen-sized strudel made of stars in the most beautiful blue, purple and red tones extends over my entire field of vision. In the middle the strudel is completely white, then it becomes reddish and blue towards the edge. He sparkles like a billion diamonds. I can't even get out of amazement, but I notice how something is pulling on my pants. I shake the leg out of a reflex to get rid of this annoying feeling, but then it pulls back on my pants.

When I look down I discover a little green weight. An alien? His head is quite large compared to his body, but overall it is really tiny. "Excuse me. You stand on my foot! «, Angry the little thing beeps me. "Oh excuse me. That was really not an intention, ”I say. “I'm Emil. And who are you?" 

"I am Herr up from Püp from Püh." 

I would like to laugh out loudly, but I want to refrain from not insulting him. He probably finds my name just as strange. 

“Hello Mr. Oops. Nice to meet you. I come from the earth, but my rocket has crashed. Are we here on public transport or on Püh? "

"Wedernoch," says UPS. "We are on the moon you Dussel." "On the moon?" I am amazed. And the fact when I turn around, I see her. The earth from which I come. It is so small and beautiful to look at from up here. "What is that?", I show on the bright star from stars.

“This is a galaxy. I think her person calls her Milky Way. "

Respones me ups impatiently. “Ok, I have to go now. Please take care of where you stepped down next time! «. Oops turns, but I still stop him. "Wait! Can you help me? With my rocket? "" Do I look like an engineer? "Oops caught the long fingers, of which he only has three on each hand. “You have your slime. Use that. ”Up reminds me. "Great idea." Just when I want to thank him, he rushes away in a monkey pace. I grab in my miracle lime and spray out of him bright sparks that lie around the rocket. The rocket repairs itself rattling and hissing in front of my eyes and opens the door to ask me to return to return. I get in and made my way home.

Author: Jane Doe

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