Nr.3 Kapitän Emil - Emils Abenteuer auf hoher See

No.3 Captain Emil - Emil's adventure on the high seas

No.3 Captain Emil - Emil's adventure on the high seas

No.3 Emil Captain Emil - Emil's adventure on the high seas.

When I was in mine this morning Magic lime Gripped, I had no idea that I should become a pirate. I had landed on a huge barge, with twelve men who stuck to the sky. We had already driven all the morning across the ocean. When the first storm surprised me, I became green like an alien. Only the handle in the magic lime prevented me from piling up over the Rehling. I had hidden the slime under my hat on my head. It was a rieeeee hat. Pearls and silver tiles hung on it on it. 

"Captain Emil!" Canced one of the pirates to me. 

"Laaaaand in Siiiiiiicht!" Another screamed with srolly, blond hair.

I had not only landed on a pirate ship, I was also the captain of this crew. 

"Make clear to anchor!" I called back as I was at the helm of the big ship. 

We headed for an island on which a treasure was hidden. The pirates talked about adventurous stories about a monster that woke up over the treasure.

Pill, a little man with a hole in the shoe and eye flap, looked at me with a wide grin at "Aye Aye captain!" 

As soon as we put on the light sandy beach with the little wooden dinghy, we could hear it. A thundering roar came from the jungle that stretched behind the beach. Pill jumped into the arm of a large thin pirate. His screeching was so loud that it beeped me in my ears. 

»Pill, you muffling bilge rat. Get lost. In pork gallop. " 

"Sailors!" I called. "Start for the sword fight and then we get the Dublons!" The Klabautermann should get me, the monster, which just ran through the jungle in our direction with huge roaring. A loud laugh went through the ranks of my team. Pill pulled the clothes smooth and his hat deeper into the face.

The monster was not a meter tall, it was purple and had a flush fur. Purple, big eyes looked at us from this confused fur crowd. 

"Oh, you're a cute one," said one who grinned toothless. 

"Do you want to chase us away with your cute?" Asked another. 

I went to the monster, held my hand to him so that it could sniff me. Suddenly his mouth opened and exposed three rows of spitzer, yellow teeth. A thundering roar before his mouth came from Lila Slime, who poured himself out of his heads. We were stuck. Nobody could move. Our feet glued on the ground, our arms on our bodies. The mass ran down to us. Somehow I had to get the magic lime under my hat. The monster stared at me, belted, turned around and disappeared into the jungle again. With all my might I had managed to solve my arm. The slime pulled purple threads while I led him to my hat. When I reached into my slime, I wished, with a firmly pressed eyes, that he should free us all. Like a green cloud, he quoll out of the glass and grew bigger and bigger until he covered us all and pushed away from us the purple monster lime. This disappeared and sang behind us in the sea. 

"Phew, luck." Everyone applauded and cheered. 

"Now let's get the treasure, men!" I called the team and everyone ran into the jungle. 

The treasure should be hidden in a cave in the jungle. We found him quickly and carried him to us on board before the monster could slim down again. The pirates sang cheerful songs as we opened the box and a huge mountain shone towards ourselves. I grabbed and the solid nuggets turned into a wonderfully smelling, golden slime. Little gold beads crackle in him. I closed my eyes, pressed him in my hands and when I opened my eyes I woke up in my nursery.

Author: Jean Doh

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