No.2 Emil on the run!

No.2 Emil on the run!

No.2 Emil on the run!

Peng! Heaven! Irroted, I clung to the horse's mane on which I was sitting. It chased in a wild gallop over a wide desert landscape. That couldn't be true, where did I end up this time? I just couldn't leave it and my fingers back in the light green slime put.
You probably suspect why, right? I longed for a new adventure, but awakened in the middle of a wild hunt, that was almost too much thrill! The wind roared through my hair. The sand rubbed my face. The heat was unbearable. Fortunately, I had a hat on my head! A cowboy hat mind you! I carefully squinted behind me. "Who is actually following us?" I said loudly to myself. 

"Crushy giant monkey toads!"

I almost fell from the back of the horse! Who said that? And what were chubble giant monkey toads?

When I turned backwards, I saw her. They were really big, looked like monkeys, but moved like toads and had the widest face that you can imagine. With a jump they covered several meters and came closer and closer to us! "I can not believe it!"

"But there is it and it just jumps after us in the pork gallop!", The voice sounded again and this time I immediately noticed who spoke there.

It was the horse! "You can speak?" "You yes, right?" I amlocked my head. "And what are we doing now?" "Well, what else?" "But you get us in right away! You would have to run faster! ”The horse snorted. "You have claims! How about if you contribute to our flight? "" How? " 

The horse remained silent. I looked down at myself. What was actually in the backpack that I was wearing on my back? I pressed my legs firmly to the horse's body and freed myself from the wearers. Then I put him on the false, so I could look directly into it. He was full of red shining red to the top Magic lime! I grabbed and pulled out a handful of it.

"To the hooves!" I shouted loudly. The Slime Flew out of my hand and divided into four parts. Then he shot down and stuck under the hooves of the horse. Suddenly the horse jumped far forward with every step. Boing! Boing! Boing!

"Hey! What's that about? I'm not a kangaroo! "

"This way we are making a lot faster, now don't decorate yourself! The horse grumbled and bombed on. I reached again in the Slime. "Obsolist toad glasses!" I roared and threw the glibbery backwards. The slime shot to the toad monkeys and grew bigger and bigger then he shared through five and formed into huge glasses, which lay over the eyes of the toad monkeys at the same time. Now they couldn't see us anymore, but they still didn't give up. For the last time, I resolved the red mass. A big grin lay on my face. "Tillage attachment!" I called and read it Slime Come on. He hung up to our persecutors and began to turn through the five toads alternately. He was so fast that you could hardly see him anymore. A bubbling deep roar came out of the toads and after a short time they had laughed sloppily. Now they only rolled through the sand. The horse paused. 

"Emil!" Suddenly called one of the toads. "We just wanted to tell you that your laces is open!"

Author: Jennifer Griffiths

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