Warum Slime als Spielzeug für Kinder so gehypt wird - und das schon seit Jahrzehnten

Why Slime is so hyped as a toy for children - and for decades

Why Slime is so hyped as a toy for children - and for decades

Today I would like to talk to you about why Slime as a toy For children, it is actually so hyped ... and that for years. I can still remember it shadowily when I had slime in my hand for the first time. It must have been almost 30 years ago - ok, short nerve breakdown on my part. 30 !!!!!! Damn it for years. - So, I had slime in my hand for the first time. It was green and in a plastic shape that looked like a ghost. He stank terribly, was super greasy or greasy. I can't explain it exactly. To be honest, I don't even know how long I was allowed to “play” the slime until my mother got a cries. It is such a key experience. I stood in my children's room in Berlin with this slime, everything else is hidden. I don't know if it was summer or winter, I don't know exactly where my furniture was or whether it was day or evening. I can just remember this green, stinking and sticky slime, which - as I knew - you definitely had to keep away from the room wall or ceiling. But that was exactly what was cool at the time. I had the slime in my hand really stretchy, he was not yet a bit more fluid and although the smell displeased me, I had the need to smell constantly to find out again that it was disgusting. When I started writing this blog post, I was looking for the slime and it actually still exists. I was about to order it just to see if my memories are right or I talked the slime more beautiful than it was actually (or worse).

Slime as a toy, as a souvenir, as a giveaway for the Children's birthday

It looks very different today! Today there is still this jelly, green slime, but - and of course I talk about myself, of course - is simply cool, brighter, brighter, in a pastel -colored slime, smelling slime nowadays. We want drizzle, we want stretchyness, we want pleasant scents that we connect with beautiful things. Sweets, summer, fruit, Pina Colada. At that time it wasn't that way, at that time it was Slime as a toy So popular because he looked poisonous and reminded of Slimer of the Ghostbusters. I have to say that my children still love the old films from Ghostbusters! I can no longer count how often they have already watched the films. I even think that a similar slime in our range would be as well received as it was then ... only in non -toxic and with a better smell. When we had not yet dealt with Slime, I even took the “China Slime” in the gift shop or in the supermarket more often. Often these also ended up in the small gifts sons that you are distributed to the invited children at the end of a children's birthday. And there they were a hit too. At that time I haven't thought so much about the packaging or the ingredients. Slime was just slime, children love him whether he stinks or not. For the Subject packaging If I have already written a blog post - if you are interested, you can stop by there.

What does slime do with us? Why have children love him for years? About pupil noise, slime biscuits and kack.

It is remarkable that Slime is still a toy for children - and that ends up in the households. Of course, there are many toys that find their place for years, even for centuries in the children's rooms. Toy cars, dolls, building blocks etc - this is about role playing and demanding and promoting imagination. So what does slime do with us? Why have children love him for years? I think it's just the product itself. Nothing arises from him, you don't want to create anything with it, it is simply beautiful, soft and calming. Asmr is created, I had already mentioned that - and that doesn't just work for children. The slime not only creates acoustic but also visual ASMR. My children say that playing with slime never gets boring. However, they couldn't give me a precise explanation. They simply like the different consistencies. My little one said: He loves to form "kackstick" ... over and over again. You can also roll it, press flat, pull it and make pups. Yes, pupil noise is mega important. So if you like pups noises, you can't get around it Slim toy to buy. Pup cushions are something of the day before yesterday! At least you don't like to sit on it yourself. He also likes to take the biscuit shapes out of the baking drawer in the kitchen and stands out from a wide variety of shapes from the slime. He can actually deal with it for a long time. Of course, this is not possible with every consistency, but at the age of five he now knows very well about which slime what works best. Whether slime biscuits or kack. Slime just always inspires when you have tested it.

Greetings from the 13th week Lockdown with homeschooling.



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