Adventskalender: Türchen 6 - Der Nikolausstrumpf

Advent calendar: Door 6 - The Nikol expression stocking

Advent calendar: Door 6 - The Nikol expression stocking

Door 6 - the Nikolüststummel

You have probably already looked forward to today - it is St. Nicholas Day. Cleaned boots are just around the corner and wait to be filled. Whether mandarins, nuts or chocolate, every year it is great joy when you get out of bed, still wrapped in the warm blanket and then viewed your filled shoes. Appropriately, we knead a Santa Claus stocking today.

You need:

Your yellow Oh
Your Greens Oh
Your red Oh
A cutting tool
a role

That's how it's done:

First you take your red knead and do not roll it out too thin on a smooth surface. Then you cut it into the shape of a stocking. Basically we would be ready here, but we want to decorate the stocking a little so that it also looks for Christmas - is clear!

So take your green kneading rolling it between your palms or on a smooth surface to a strand. Not too thin, do that according to the feeling. The strand should not be too thin, because we still have something in mind. Put the strand or, as we would like to say: the "sausage" above the boot almost on the "opening" for the sweets. Then you take your cutting tool and scratch it at irregular intervals at an angle and slanted downwards. A fir look is created.

Now the yellow plasticine is on it. Take a tiny amount and roll it again between your fingers to a small "sausage", this time it can also be really thin. You share or bend the sausage in the middle and put it down to your pine garland with the opening. Take a little yellow plasticine again and roll two balls about equally large, you put them at the ends of your yellow sausage. If you like, you can leave it like that or decorate your stocking as you please.

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