Adventskalender: Türchen 4 - Die Glocke

Advent calendar: door 4 - the bell

Advent calendar: door 4 - the bell

Door 4 - the bell

You need:

your gray ohket

Day four in your advent calendar of the Christmas kneading ideas. It is the second Advent and we knead a bell today. With your plasticine that you need in gray, you can not only knead super easily but always have a pleasant smell in your nose. Because your gray plasticine smells of peppermint.

That's how it's done:

Take a good portion of gray plasticine and roughly shape it into the shape of a bell. With the fingers we pressed a small curvature in the middle of the bell, so that it is not just as a pylone :). Then take a smaller amount of gray plasticine and form a small ball that you put on the bell as a crown. Take a small amount of your plasticine again and rub it between your hands into a small "sausage" form it into a curling and put them at the top of your bell. If you like, you can further decorate the bell from plasticine as you please. For example, you scratch small decorations with a suitable tool. Have fun!

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