Adventskalender: Türchen 2 - Der Stern

Advent calendar: door 2 - the star

Advent calendar: door 2 - the star

Door 2 - the star

You need:

- Your yellow Oh
- a role (alternatively a bottle or another rollable vessel)
- your cutting tool or a cutter with star pattern

That's how it's done:

Today we knead a star - and that is really easy Peasy! Because you only need your yellow plasticine, something to roll out the plasticine and a mold with a star pattern alternatively a cutting tool. You can make it very easy to make it and make a cutting form for the Christmas cookies from Mama's drawer. If you like kneading an entire starry sky, this implementation should be very helpful, but of course it is not a must! And don't worry, your oh minet is completely vegan and you can use your cushioning form without hesitation to the Christmas cookies - please wash off after your kneading fun :)

You don't have any cutout? No problem. Ask your parents, as far as you do not yet have a kneading tool, about a cutting tool which they would otherwise give you tinkering or kneading. The main thing is that you can't hurt yourself with it. 

And now knead your yellow kneading properly, put it on a smooth surface and roll it out like cake batter. Now you can sniff it - smells of pineapple. Now you can simply cut out your stars out of plasticine or cut into shape with your cutting tool. If you find it difficult to arrange the five tips evenly, you can also paint a star on a sheet of paper and cut out as a template. 

Have fun kneading and until tomorrow.

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