Adventskalender: Türchen 16 - Die Orangen

Advent calendar: door 16 - the oranges

Advent calendar: door 16 - the oranges

Door 16 - the oranges

You need:

Your red oh minet
your Green Ohknet
your orange oh minet
an object with tip, for example, a fork
A cutting tool

That's how it's done:

First we mix a very small amount of red and green tangled to a brown tone. Maybe you have a little brown kneading from yesterday when we Rudolf have kneaded. 

Then you roll your orange plasticine into a ball and stitch into small holes with the tine of your fork or a similarly pointed but harmless object. Then you push a larger hole in above, where we then place the branch and the leaves.

The leaves are also kneaded. You take your green knead and roll very small balls from it that you simply press flat in your palm. In the middle you can incorporate a small notch. You then drape the leaves or the sheet next to your branch on the orange and that was it.

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