Adventskalender: Türchen 14 - Die heiße Schokolade

Advent calendar: door 14 - the hot chocolate

Advent calendar: door 14 - the hot chocolate

Door 14 - The cup with hotter
Chocolate and cream

You need:

Your red oh minet
Your green oh seed
Your white oh minet
Your blue oh minet

That's how it's done:

First we mix a really small amount of red plasticine and green plasticine together to get brown plasticine for the chocolate. Then you shape a cup out of your blue kneading by rolling a larger amount into a thick "sausage" and then smoothing the ends so that your top and bottom is straight. For the Henkel you roll a little blue kneading and put it on your cup in a semicircle. 

The brown one Plasticine If you press a smooth surface, very flat and put them on above your cup.

You roll the white plasticine into a strand and put them together in a circle, so that a "pile" is created or a snail house :). This pile will be your cream on the hot chocolate - delicious! You put them on the brown kneading.

So that it gets really tasty, you can create small sugar sprinkles with your red kneading that you distribute on your cream.

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