Adventskalender: Türchen 11 - Die Sternschnuppe

Advent calendar: door 11 - the shooting star

Advent calendar: door 11 - the shooting star

Door 11 - the shooting star

You need:

Your red Oh
Your green oh seed
Your black oh canteen (Coming Soon)
Your yellow ohknet
a role or an alternative
Cutting tool

That's how it's done:

Today is December 11th. There are only 13 days until Christmas and thus Christmas is under a good light, we knead a shooting star today. Maybe they will even fulfill one of your little Christmas wishes?

For this you need a small amount of orange plasticine that you can use for a color gradient for the tail of the shooting star. Role first your yellow plasticine. Then you cut four tips - be careful! The fifth tip becomes the tail, so leave more space here. You can cut out the tail in a light sheet and at the end of which a triangle. If you still feel like it, decorate the tail with a little orange knead ... So you can get a small gradient. Simply place a small amount of orange plasticine on the tail and cut the shape again.

Voila -is the shooting star. But Pssst ... don't tell your wish.

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