Top 4 Schleim-Trends 2023: Das magische Spielzeug, das jedes Kind begeistert!

TOP 4 mucus trends 2023: The magical toy that inspires every child!

TOP 4 mucus trends 2023: The magical toy that inspires every child!

Mucus (or as we fans like to say: slime) is more than just a viscous, elastic mass. It is a toy that combines creativity, sensory experience and infinite fun! And as with any popular children's toy, there are always new trends and developments. Let us dive into the dazzling world of the slime and discover the top 5 trends of this year!

1. Glittering unicorn mucus: A sparkling fairy tale for the hands

In 2023 it will be fairytale! The unicorn mucus conquers the hearts in the storm. With sparkling glitter particles and pastel -colored swirls, this mucus is reminiscent of the mystical mythical creature. Not only a feast for the eyes - the empathy of the glitter particles also promotes tactile perception.

2. Aromented mucus: A festival for the senses

From fruity strawberries to soothing lavender - flavored slimes offer a completely new sensory experience. But don't worry, all fragrances are of course child -friendly and non -toxic. A real pleasure for the nose!

3. Thermal mucus: color change depending on the temperature

Game fun combined with science! The thermal mucus changes its color depending on the temperature. Put it in the fridge or hold it in sunny hands and watch the magic. A playful way to bring children closer to the concept of thermochromy.

4. DIY SLIME KITS: Create your own mucus

Individuality is the keyword 2023. With the DIY SLIME KITS, children can create their own unique mucus. Whether with pearls, glitter or dyes - there are no limits to the imagination. And by the way, fine motor skills are encouraged!


Conclusion: mucus remains trendy!

Whether sparkling, fragrant or environmentally conscious - mucus continues to inspire children worldwide in 2023. With constant innovations and trends, this viscous friend always remains exciting and up to date. Which trend is your favorite? Share it in the comments!

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