DIY Magie: Kreiere dein eigenes Anti-Stress-Spielzeug.

DIY magic: Create your own anti-stress toy.

DIY magic: Create your own anti-stress toy.

In a world that often appears hectic and overwhelming, we are constantly looking for ways to calm down and center. The Anti stress toy"Has experienced an enormous upswing in recent years, but did you know that you can easily make your own stress -relieving toys at home? DIY (do it yourself) is not only creative leisure activity, but also has therapeutic value. Manufacture of things with our own hands can help reduce the cortisol level (the "stress hormone") and to increase the feeling of fulfillment and self -efficacy.

1. The kneadable stress ball

One of the best known anti -stress toys is the stress ball. Instead of buying one, try this simple DIY version:


  • Balloons
  • Flour or rice
  • funnel


  1. Use the funnel in the balloon neck.
  2. Pour the flour or rice into the balloon with the funnel.
  3. Knot the balloon firmly.
  4. Knead, press and reduce stress!

2. The calming glitter bottle

Visually appealing and fascinating, this bottle is perfect to calm and distract the mind.


  • Empty bottle with lid
  • Warm water
  • Glitzer glue or fine glitter
  • A few drops of food coloring (optional)


  1. Fill the bottle of 3/4 with warm water.
  2. Add the glitter glue or glitter.
  3. Add a few drops of food coloring if desired.
  4. Close the bottle firmly and shake well.
  5. Watch how the glitter slowly sits down and calms your thoughts.

3. fragrant anti-stress sacks

Soothing fragrances can make miracles. This simple bag combines the therapeutic value of scents with tactile calming.


  • Residue
  • Sewing thread and needle
  • Dried lavender flowers or chamomile


  1. Cut two squares in the desired size.
  2. Sew together three sides of the squares.
  3. Fill the bag with dried lavender flowers or chamomile.
  4. Sew the open side carefully.
  5. Press and inhale deeply if necessary.


Creating your own "anti -stress toy" at home is not only cost -effective, but also offers the opportunity to promote your own creative expression. The great thing is that you can adapt them according to your wishes. Take the time to delve into DIY projects and enjoy the double advantage-the process of creating and the therapeutic effect of the finished toy. Throw the stress Overboard and immerse yourself in the creative world of DIY!

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