Knete von Das perfekte Geburtstagsgeschenk.

Knette from The perfect birthday present.

Knette from The perfect birthday present.

Are you looking for a unique and practical gift for the next children's birthday? Our Plasticine is a fantastic choice that promotes creativity and ensures bright children's eyes at every party.


  • Versatility of the Plasticine 
  • Practical packaging
  • Natural ingredients
  • More ideas for your birthday bags for your birthday 

You will learn that in this article:

  • Why is our plasticine a practical one Gift For children's birthday.
  • More ideas for gift bags.

Why kneading as a birthday present?

Knette as a gift offers more than just entertainment. It is an pedagogically valuable toy that promotes motor skills, imagination and sensory perception of children. Our plasticine is particularly recommended because it is made from natural ingredients and in a variety of colors and Fragrances is available that range from classic to innovative variations. This makes them a safe and appealing gift for children of all ages.

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Practical gift ideas 

Our little ones 35ml doses are not only cute, but also extremely practical. They fit perfectly in every gift bag and are ideal for being distributed on children's birthday parties as a side. These doses offer a wonderful opportunity to make every child a little pleasure without donating disorder or burdening the environment.

Natural and creative play opportunities

As already mentioned, we produce the basis of our plasticine from natural ingredients, which gives you the certainty that your children play with a more harmless product. In addition, the variety of available colors and fragrances not only inspires the children with exceptional creativity, but also makes playing a sensual experience up to a relaxing experience, for example when learning or homework?

Are you looking for other ideas on how you can fill your gift bag? Here are some ideas:

A Gift bag Filling for a children's birthday is a lot of fun and offers creative opportunities to make the children happy. Here are some ideas on how you can fill the bags:

  • Small toys: e.g. Yo-Yos, jumping ropes, small puzzles, or bubbles 
  • Handicraft materials: e.g. stickers, colored pencils, mini painting books, or glitter glue
  • Snasy: e.g. gummy bears, chocolate coins or popcorn (make sure to be considerate of allergies)
  • Topic objects: e.g. masks, figures or stickers
  • Natural or healthy snacks: e.g. small packs with raisins, dried fruits or nut mixes are a good alternative to sweets
  • Small books: Mini books or comics can stimulate the children to read and are a nice memory of the birthday
  • -Personal notes or cards: A handwritten card or a small letter of thank you can add a loving and personal note
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The selection of the content can vary depending on the age of the children and the budget. It is always a good idea to make the gift bags colorful and interesting so that every child (next to our plasticine 😊) find something that he likes.

If you have any questions about our products, please send us an email or contact us via WhatsApp. 


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