Handmade OHKnete: Mehr als nur ein Spielzeug!

Handmade Ohknet: More than just one toy!

Handmade Ohknet: More than just one toy!

Hey dear parents and grade fans! Today we want to talk about a product that is not only fun, but is also really good for the little ones. We're talking about our handmade Ohthat consists only of natural ingredients. But do you know why playing with plasticine is actually so beneficial for children?

Why kneading is more than just fun

Research, such as the study in the "American Journal of Play", has shown that kneading improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in children. And not just that: that Knead and shape Also promotes creativity and spatial thinking. It's like creating a gym for the young brain, and who can say no?

Of course and safe: ohketen

Isn't it cool that you can enjoy all these advantages and also rely on sustainability? Our ohketen is 100% handmade and consists only of natural ingredients. No chemistry, no artificial dyes. Only pure, unadulterated kneading fun, which can be put into the hands of the children with a clear conscience.

Knead and grow: The perfect duo

If we are honest, there is nothing better than seeing how the kids have fun and also learn something. Oh makes this possible. Let your children discover the world, live out their creativity and also improve their skills. With our OHKNE, every season becomes at quality time!

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