Goody Bags mit Herz: So werden eure Mitgebsel persönlich!

Goody bags with a heart: This is how your jemks become personally!

Goody bags with a heart: This is how your jemks become personally!

Hello, dear party kings and DIY gurus from!

There are countless types of how to Goody bags can fill. But have you ever thought about designing them personally? A small touch of individuality can make the difference and shows your guests how special they are. Here are some instructions and ideas to raise your Goody Bags to the next level!

1. Set the name: From the pocket to the content 🖍️🛍️

A name can be a powerful thing, especially for children. It gives them the feeling that they are special and unique.

  • Fabric bags with names: Worried small fabric bags and painted them with textile colors. You can write the child's name or, if you feel artistically, even paint small portraits.
  • Personalized stickers: Thanks to online prints, you can order stickers with the names of the children or even with photos. So each child can find their own individual sticker in their Goody Bag.
  • Handwritten notes: Take a moment and write a small note for every child. It can be a simple "Thank you for being there!" Or be a personal memory.

2. Photos, photos, photos! 📸🌟

We live in the age of digital photography, so why not use this technology to use your Goody bags To spice up?

  • Photo buttons: You can take photos of the children before or during the party and transform them into buttons. There are many online services that enable this.
  • Mini photo books: If the party is over, why not create a mini photo book as a memory for every child? There are many apps that enable the creation and ordering of small photo books directly from the cell phone.
  • Photo frame handicraft sets: Give the children a set with frame, stickers, glitter and markers and have them design their own photo frames. Add a photo of the party and voilà!

3. Special messages that stay in the heart 💌💖

Sometimes it is the little messages that leave the biggest impression.

  • Fortune cookies: Bakes (or buy) Fortune cookies and puts a small, positive saying or a message in everyone. Every child will be thrilled to open and see his cookie and see which message is in it.
  • Desired star: Cuts stars out of paper and writes wishes or positive affirmations on it. Roll up and ties them up with a band. The children can read their star before going to bed and use it as a bookmark or decoration.
  • Personalized jewelry: With pearls that have letters on them, you can create simple bracelets or key rings with the names of the children or a special message.

The special thing about personalized Goody bags is not just the individual gift itself, but the time, effort and love that you put in every detail. It shows your little guests how special they are for you and creates memories that last for a lifetime.

So, let your creativity run free and make your next party unforgettable with unique Goody Bags. Until next time, creative tinkering and cheerful celebrations wish your team from! 🎈🎨❤️

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