Goody Bags für Minis: Sichere Bastelideen für die Kleinsten unter uns!

Goody Bags for Minis: Safe craft ideas for the little ones among us!

Goody Bags for Minis: Safe craft ideas for the little ones among us!

Hello, dear party mums and papas from!

There is a birthday, and not just any, but the little racker! There is still an important task between the baking of the cake, decorating and planning Goody bags! It is particularly important for the smallest that the content is not only fun, but above all safe. Don't worry, we have some sugar -sweet, safe craft ideas for you!

1. Colorful sensor books: a feast for small hands 👐🎨

Toddlers are curious and want to research the world with all their senses. A homemade sensor book is the perfect gift for Goody Bags.

  • material: Different types of fabric, ligaments, buttons (big enough so that they cannot be swallowed), and crackling film.
  • Instructions: Cut the fabrics into squares of the same size and decorate each side with different materials. Sew everything together for a small book - Voilà!
  • Fun: The little ones can feel, pull, crackle and discover.

2. Little sound maker: musical joy 🎶🔔

Music inspires everyone, especially our minis! And with small, safe soundmakers we bring the music to the Goody Bags.

  • material: Small cans or containers with lids, rice or lentils, and colorful stickers or colors for decorating.
  • Instructions: Fill half of your cans with rice or lentils. Closes them. Now the little ones (with a little help) are allowed to decorate their soundmakers colorfully.
  • Fun: Shake, listen, dance!

3. DIY feel memory: keys and discover 🧠💡

We all know Memory, but for the little ones, a feeling memory is particularly exciting and at the same time promotes motor skills.

  • material: Small fabric bags, different materials such as cotton wool, sand, pearls, and rice.
  • Instructions: Fill two sacks with the same material, so that couples are created. Make sure that everything is well closed.
  • Fun: The children can feel the sacks and find the couples by feeling.

Small children are small discoverers. They love to experience, feel and hear new things. With these craft ideas for Goody bags Can you give them a safe and fun discovery trip. And the highlight: These handmade treasures not only show your love and care, but are also sustainable and unique.

Have fun tinkering, dear parents! And always remember: there is a big piece of love in every small detail. Until next time, happy celebrations and creative tinkering wishes your team from! 🎁🥳🎈

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