[DIY] Tolle Bastelideen mit dem Füllmaterial der Slime Box

[DIY] Great handicrafts with the filling material of the Slime Box

[DIY] Great handicrafts with the filling material of the Slime Box

The Maischips in our slime box are not only nice and colorful, with them you can also do great things. What exactly, we tell you in this blog post. Finally we have a great game for yours Pyjama party.

Pictures with Maischips "color"

You will all know coloring pages. But instead of coloring them with pencils, you can also use the Maischips.

How does this work?

In principle, it is very simple. You first need a template. Coloring pictures with large areas are best suited for this. However, if necessary, you can also cut and shape the corners, so that they fit into the corresponding gaps. Now you proceed the same as when painting with pencils. Think about what surface which color should have. Moist
Maischip with water and sticks it up to the appropriate place. You do this until the entire image is filled.

Figures and motifs Maischips craft

Our colorful filling material of the Slime Box can also be glued together with the help of water not only on paper, but also. So great figures can be created. This can be a flat motif in which you glue the chips together on one level. When that is done, you can also glue it into a picture frame without a glass (maybe still painted with a colorful
Background) to later hang it on the wall or to give away.
But you can also make beautiful 3D figures-for example animals-with which you can have even more fun afterwards if you play with them.

The handicraft competition for Pyjama party

For example, do you have the Gift box pajama party And do you want to organize one with your friends? Then just start a small competition for the craft instructions mentioned above. In the end, who designed or tinkered the most beautiful, most unusual picture or the greatest figure? Make yourself a bowl of popcorn - suitable for a real pajama party and above all to the squishy contained in the gift box.
We wish you a lot of fun with our Maischips. You are welcome to send us photos of your creations again. You can also link us on Instagram and use the hashtag #slimeslime so that we can look at your works of art there.

Greetings your Tanja
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