Die faszinierende Geschichte der Knete: Vom ersten Hersteller bis zu unserer OHKnete!

The fascinating story of the plasticine: from the first manufacturer to our oh minet!

The fascinating story of the plasticine: from the first manufacturer to our oh minet!

Hey slime fans! You actually know where from Plasticine comes? No? Then snap around, because we take you on a little journey through time! Discover the cool story of the plasticine and learn how our handmade Ohknet is made from natural ingredients.

The first knee moments: Who is behind it?

The first kneading mass was invented by Joseph Mcvicker in the 1950s and driven under the name "Play-Doh". Originally, the stuff was a wallpaper cleaner alternative until McVicker realized that children preferred to play with it than to clean their parents. A clever move, because soon Knete became one of the most popular toys worldwide!

The magic of production: what is in the plasticine?

Traditionally becomes Plasticine Made from a mixture of flour, water, salt and food colors. The ingredients are heated and thoroughly mixed until a formable mass is created. Nowadays there are also synthetic variants with chemical additives that are not so skin -friendly.

Our Ohknet: Of course, handmade and simply brilliant!

At Slimeslime we rely on the power of nature. Our ohketen is handmade and consists only of natural ingredients. No chemistry, no artificial additives - only pure, skin -friendly pleasure! Due to the natural ingredients, our plasticine is also suitable for children with sensitive skin. Not to forget, the handmade flair makes every portion of ours Plasticine To a little unique!

So next time, if you hold a portion of our incredible oh miners in your hands, think of the cool story behind this simple but brilliant toy.

Until the next kneading adventure, people!

Your Slimeslime team.

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