Clear Slime die Königsdisziplin! |

Clear Slime the supreme discipline!

Clear Slime the supreme discipline!

Clear Slime is actually the type of slime that needs the least ingredients. More than a maximum of 3 ingredients are not necessary. Nevertheless, in my opinion it is the supreme discipline of all slime maker. 

In advance what is Clear Slime?

Clear slime - or also called glass slime - is a completely transparent slime. It is all the more clear the slime it is. The difficult thing about the Clear Slime is the air bubbles that arise when stirring in the glue. The slime is no longer clear through them. 

We want to provide all of our customers all slime variants and work without Restocks. With the Clear Slime, however, it means that you always have to keep an eye on how "transparent" the slime is after production. You can take about 3-5 days as a guideline until there are really no air bubbles in the slime. For us, this always means to look closely when we have to produce again so that the Clear Slime really arrives at our customers. 

So from the ingredients a "simple" slime in manufacture must best be moved as slowly and as little as possible, so it becomes clearer faster. Incidentally, Clear Slime is also the basis for ours Heroh and nugget Bingsu Beads Slime.

We have our first two Bingsu Beads Slimes.

In the next few weeks, however, two Clear Slimes will be added. We are already diligently at the brainstorms we want to do. Do you have an idea or a wish then simply write us via WhatsApp.

See you soon.

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