ASMR: Eine Reise durch die Zeit

ASMR: A trip through time

ASMR: A trip through time

The world of ASMR has developed rapidly in recent years. But how did this captivating relaxation technique actually start?

The modest beginnings on YouTube 📹

It was once on YouTube, around 2007 when the first videos appeared that unconsciously demonstrated the potential of ASMR. Often it was simple whisper videos or tutorials in which people demonstrated manual skills. The reactions to it were amazing - spectators reported a "tingling" on the neck or deep relaxation. These videos were not explicitly referred to as ASMR, but laid the foundation for an upcoming revolution.

Over time, the community and the first artists grew up, who described themselves as "Asmrtists", appeared. They targeted creating videos to cause ASMR triggers-be it through whisper, tapping, scratching or other soothing noises.

The boom of the ASMR artist and trends 🌟

ASMR experienced a boom around 2015. Many new asmrists came on the scene and brought their own styles and techniques with them. With special microphones, better cameras and innovative ideas, videos of high quality emerged that achieved millions of clicks. Role plays, personalized trigger sessions and creative sound landscapes shaped this era.

Science also began to be interested in the phenomenon. Studies, such as those from 2018, confirmed that ASMR can help reduce stress and anxiety, which increased popularity.

ASMR today: More than just an Internet phenomenon 🌍

ASMR has now made the leap from the niche. There are ASMR spa treatments, specialized apps and even some celebrities who have made their love for ASMR public. The community continues to grow, and the limits of ASMR are constantly redefined.

What started as simple YouTube videos has developed into a global movement that helps people find relaxation and well-being in their hectic everyday life. It is exciting to see where ASMR will lead us next! 🌙🎧🌌

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