446 Tage online

446 days online

446 days online

... and also 446 days ago we had our very first order. It was a Floam slime - The Floam P to be precise.

The gates opened a little more than 14 months ago slimeslime.de And sooooo has happened incredibly since then. We mixed, brewed, curse, laugh and rebuild. Renovated, muck out and reinvented us. A fixed idea became a great company, which, especially me, enables me to work from home as a triple mom. To be able to look after the children, even if they are sick to be there for them and always be creative. We have never sworn to rent premises for a company and we can do lucky to own a fully basement. Our basement has five rooms, we started in the smallest of all rooms with our slime preparation. We mixed every single slime for each individual order in a conventional food processor. But over time, that was no longer enough to neither send the orders unprepared nor the space. A large stirring machine was needed, a move had to take place. This had an advantage - our basement was gradually looking forward to: D space for space we expanded our warehouse. Walls were plastered and floors were laid out. Regal around the shelf was assembled to create more storage space.

What do I like best about the company?

It is versatile! From the idea of ​​a slime about the production. Write texts, write blog posts, bring figures to life, social media. There is always something to do and it always remains varied! There is no sewage, no I sticking glasses from morning to evening or I sit in front of the PC for eight hours. Of course I do it, but I do it the way I like it. Sometimes I put one of my children in the camp, stick glasses and undetite me, but mostly they even help, tinker with the packaging chips or stir a slime. It's just so family and uncomplicated. I never thought that!

From weekly to daily

At the beginning we packed the packages individually and brought to a parcel shop when it got more, the lady from the petrol station was already in a bad mood when we entered the shop because it had to scan so many packages (next to the petrol station) found it caustic. Then we sent from home every week, by pick -up order. It then became twice a week and then three times a week. In the meantime we usually send daily from Monday to Friday. It has become normal! But just before I got on this post, I had thought about the beginnings and suddenly I appreciated what we actually achieved and still had in the period of one year. I think it's great and hope for many more creative slime years with you! And because I'm so euphoric, I will now with my family to a limited anniversary sSet Lime Set to celebrate our success with you!

See you soon, Tanja 

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